Kids’ Bike Trade Up Program

We get it. Kids grow up fast. It’s hard to think about buying a quality bicycle they’ll outgrow in a couple short years. That’s why we have a trade up program..

the simple overview…

  1. Buy any kid’s bike from Red Newt Bikes
  2. Give it to your kid, have them ride it to their heart’s content
  3. Once your child outgrows it, bring it back to Red Newt Bikes
  4. Trade it in for up to 40% of the original purchase price towards their next bike!

the fine print:

Which bicycles may I trade up from?

You may trade-up any children’s bicycle (up to 24″ wheels) purchased from Red Newt Bikes within 2 years from the date of the original purchase. One bike per trade please. If you have 2 or more kids’ bikes to trade, you are welcome to apply each bike to a separate trade.

Which bicycles may I trade up to?

You may trade-up to any new larger size bicycle that is intended for use by a child/teenager. You may not trade for a same-sized or smaller bicycle.

What happens to my old bike?

Your old bike will make another child happy. We may fix it up and sell it as a used bike, or we may donate it to charity.

How do I receive a 40% credit?

We expect the bike to be used with some minor scratches and marks, but not damaged. The bike must be in good working condition, or able to be made into such condition. It must be cosmetically appealing. You can still receive credit if the bike can be made safe and appealing. We will simply reduce the credit give back to you based on our costs to improve the bicycle.

Good working condition is defined as: A safe and functioning bicycle where all tires have no less than 50% of tread remaining; tubes hold air; no stripped nuts, bolts, or allen keys; brakes and pads stop bike adequately; drivetrain components (gears, chain, shifters, etc.) are in good condition; grips and seat are not torn; wheels and frame are intact; all original accessories are present (i.e. baskets, training wheels, safety pads).

Cosmetically appealing is defined as: Rust free; not excessively scratched; paint is not excessively chipped.