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The Red Newt doesn’t stay in one place. She explores new territory throughout the Shenandoah and Appalachians. He sometimes travels alone, sometimes with others; sometimes fast, sometimes slow. They grow and change while on their journey before coming home to reconnect with family and friends.

This is the vision behind our bike shop. We want people to feel empowered to go explore – experience our beautiful area from the back of a bicycle: a slower, more connected encounter than a car provides.  Whether you are an experienced cyclist who likes to do 100 miles a day, or a tentative newbie who is concerned about the hills – we are here to help you have a great ride. We want to help connect you to the gear and the groups that will support and celebrate your style of cycling.

We want your time at our shop to be a friendly, encouraging experience.  We want you to feel comfortable stopping by – ask a question, connect with others interested in outdoor activities, pick up something that will help you enjoy your journey. We hope you’ll be a lifelong customer.